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Tool shop

We specialize in the design, production, and renovation of molds for injection molding of thermoplastics, measuring devices, automation for plastics injection, and spare parts. We also provide polishing and repairs of mirror finishes for galvanization on injection tools for the automotive, electrical, medical, engineering, and construction industries.

In 2022, the tool shop was relocated to new premises equipped with modern workstations, manipulators, and dry ice cleaning technology.

Our team of professional and experienced toolmakers offers the following manufacturing programs:

  • modification, adjustment, and refurbishment of tools and molds for plastic injection
  • finishing and assembly of tools, molds, and devices weighing up to 8000 kg
  • production of tools for wax injection for precision metal casting
  • production and repairs of glass molds
  • micro-pulse welding
  • polishing of technical surfaces for a "finished appearance, removed from the tool"
  • polishing of technical surfaces for chemical etching preparation
  • polishing of mirror finishes for vacuum and electroplating, components for headlights, and visible parts not only for the automotive industry
  • tool repairs, production of replacement components, repairs of cutting tools by welding
  • sharpening of cutting tools
  • minor tooling work
  • flat grinding
  • custom grinding
  • tooling work

Dry ice blasting

For precise cleaning of molds and pressing tools, we use dry ice blasting technology. By blasting CO2 ice particles, impurities on the surface are frozen and subsequently blown away by air pressure. This technology is the most environmentally friendly method for cleaning etchings and mirror finishes on injection molds and tools. Dry ice blasting does not involve the use of any chemicals or water, so no waste materials are generated, minimizing the impact on the environment.