Composition - imageComposition

The composition of the substrate depends on local conditions and the anticipated load. Generally, we recommend the following composition: For the walkways: 10 cm equal layer of sharp sand for vehicles traveling routes: 15-20 cm layer of compacted crushed stone, plus 4-6 cm layer of sharp sand.

Bordering - imageBordering

Border edging using BERA ® system from aluminium, galvanized steel or Corten, or of wood or PVC. Height (10-15 cm), the thickness dependent on the expected loads. For accurate targeting, we recommend using a laser.

Concretion - imageConcretion

Stable, well-compacted base that is needed during installation and other types of tiles is necessary. When uncompressed substrate may reduce function of Bera Gravel Fix.

Settlement - imageSettlement

After compaction, align sand layer. Remove excess sand and any sharp foreign objects.


Laying - imageLaying

Each sheet has two sides overlapping geotextile. New plates are placed on the excess geotextile. You maximize the stability and prevention of weeds.

Cutting - imageCutting

If necessary, cut along with the manual or power tool so that the plates fit tightly to the rim. Note: Please follow the safety instructions from the tools manufacturer.

Filling - imageFilling

Fill plaques one or two factions of 3-16 mm gravel so that 15-20 mm overlaps over the edge of the cell wall (if necessary, see technical documentation).

Completion - imageCompletion

Spread the gravel evenly. Maintenance limited to removing leaves or other dirt. If necessary add gravel so that the plate is covered.